Discounts: On accommodation and catering only

5% Prompt payment: If account paid in full prior to leaving on last day of camp.

10% Large Group discount: for groups over 60 persons

10% Winter discount: for groups coming in terms 2 & 3


$21 per person over 2 years of age per night.

Day Visitors: $8 per person if using the facility for most of the day.

Minimum daily charge:

KCC - Uncatered $450, Catered $850

K-Lodge: $100

Note: Groups using KCC with 50 plus paying persons can have use of K-Lodge at no extra charge. Groups under 50 persons and wanting to use the K-Lodge will be charged a surcharge of $50 per day for its use.


Cost is Per Person and includes set-up and instructions to supervisors.

No charge for adults supervising children except for caving.

No charge for use of Confidence course/Playground and sports equipment

Camp activities: $8 one-off fee for the whole time you are at KCC

Covers use of the BMX Bikes, Kayaking, Air rifles, Archery, compass course, Burma Trail, climbing wall

Swimming Pool: Open during summer – No Charge

Animal Survivor: $60 if instructor required to run game – this is a wide game for groups between 15 and 80 persons and takes about 2 hours for a couple of goes.

KCC Staff: $35 per hour for staff required to supervise any activity (excluding set up and instructions) or to guide tramps etc.

Note: If a different group is using the K-Lodge than those staying at KCC, then those staying at KCC will have priority over camp activities.

Adventure Activities:

Through Raglan Rock a safety audited and approved supplier.

Single activity prices per person per day: Prices include instructors’ time and equipment.

Caving: $40.00

Canyoning: $45

Tree Climbing (at KCC): $12.50

Orienteering: $35.00

RR Archery: $35.00

Surfing In Raglan: $69.00

Kayaking in Raglan: $35.00

Raft building: $32.50

Wilderness Training: $35.00

Boulder-teering: $35.00

Bouldering free climbing: $25.00

Rock climbing: $40.00

Abseiling only: $37.50

Rock climbing with Abseiling: $40.00 + $250.00

*price for rock climbing includes two instructors. If the group size exceeds 20+ people (ratio is 1:10 per instructor) then an additional instructor’s fee of $200 will apply.

Note: if you would like to combine two adventure activities on the same day please ask and we may arrange a discounted price.

Catering Service:

Cost Per Person Per Meal


$5.50 - child

$6.50 - adult


$9.00 - child

$12.00 - adult

Main Meal

$13.50 - child

$16.50 - adult

Adult = 13yrs plus, Child = 5 to12yrs, no catering charge for under 5yrs.

No extra charge for morning tea/supper etc if KCC catering

{Primary & Intermediate School Groups - Adults charged at child rates}

No Duties Option (catered camps only): If you want KCC to do the duties, for daily duties add $8.50 per person per day and for Final cleanup (dorms, hall, grounds etc) add $8.50 per person.

Note: groups are expected to keep the place reasonably tidy.

Deposit Required: to confirm a pencil booking is the minimum daily charge