The KCC Mission

In July of 1979 The Karakariki Camp Trust Board formed with the aim of

•    Helping the underprivileged.
•    Promoting and encouraging Christian principles and belief.
•    Providing a camp to meet the needs of small groups that found it difficult to book larger facilities.
•    Promoting & Developing Karakariki Camp to achieve the above.

To Achieve this the board took ownership of the old Karakariki School site and developed it into accommodation, hall and catering facilitates.

Mission Statement

To develop youth & children physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually Achieved by:

  • Running overnight holiday and leadership training programs in a safe environment including
    • KCC activities both on and off the Karakariki Christian Camp (KCC) site
    • Sports and games
    • Healthy food
  • Sharing our Christian Faith in an open, none threatening way by
    • Setting an example though our actions and words.
    • Providing fun and interesting chapel times.
    • Taking any opportunity to share about God and what he means to us.
    • Encourage Christians in their faith and knowledge about God
    • Explain how to become a follower of Jesus (become a Christian) to those that want to know.
  • Being inclusive
    • Accept and encourage any person regardless of ethnic background or religion.
    • Where possible accept any person with disabilities or special needs
    • Encourage a friendly, supportive community during camp
    • Encourage all to join in activities
  • Communicate
    • Make available information on camp program to parents/caregivers
    • Allow children to contact their parent/caregiver during the holiday program and visa versa.
    • Encourage children/youth to let there Parents/Caregivers know what they did at KCC
    • Encourage parents/Caregivers to positive and constructive feedback on their child’s’ time at camp

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